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OZONE Leotards

Happy Trails Leotard

Happy Trails Leotard

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Grace loves being in the gym and the feeling of flying through the air, but there are days the stress of needing to constantly strive for perfection and landing short of that goal becomes a lot.  She likes to get away and forget her stress from the gym, enjoy the outdoors, and the beauty of this earth.  When out walking or hiking, she is reminded of this quote.  "When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top."

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The most important element of ensuring a proper fit is through correct body measurements.  Because each athlete has a unique body structure and fit preference, proper fit can vary greatly.  OZONE leotards are performance fitting and as a general rule if your measurements fall in between sizes consider moving up one size.  Please reference the detailed instructions here in our sizing chart and guide to sizing. 

Care Instructions

  • DO only use very mild liquid detergent.
  • DO hand wash using cold water.
  • DO place garment inside out in a large volume of water.
  • DO hang or line dry.
  • DO NOT machine wash.
  • DO NOT tumble dry.
  • DO NOT use granular detergents, bleach or liquid fabric softener.
  • DO NOT use dryer sheets.


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